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H2O 360swim SaferSwimmer™

Holds a water bottle. It has no dry bag.

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The H2O float is an ideal companion for longer swims where hydration is necessary and needs to be easily accessible (for example: channel crossings, marathon swims or other long distance swimming endeavors). Or if you'd rather relax than swim, you can use it just for lounging around in your home swimming pool while having your beer or any other drink floating just an arm's length away nicely cooled by the water.

This buoy features an inflatable compartment and a slot for a water bottle, but does not have a waterproof dry space like the other 360swim SaferSwimmer™ models. The H2O donut float will support your weight if you need to rest during your swim and furthermore, with its bright colour, it will provide you with an outstanding visibility in the water, so boats, jet skis, wind surfers and other fast moving water lovers will know where you swim and will stay clear from your area.

What can I fit inside?

There is no dry compartment in the H2O model, however, it will hold your hydration water bottle. Note: a water bottle is not included.

How to use it?

Fill up your water bottle with your favorite sports drink or water, inflate the H2O buoy by blowing into the valve, twist the valve cap to close, attach the waist belt to yourself and slide your water bottle into the open slot. After that, just swim, hydrate and repeat. And most importantly, have fun!

Product Details:

  • Material: PVC
  • Quick access pocket for a water bottle
  • Adjustable waist belt (70-110 cm)
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Robust air valve for inflation
  • Extendable cord attachment
  • Water draining mechanism
  • Bright orange colour

A part of the proceeds from the sale of the SaferSwimmer™ float goes towards supporting the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) and its learn to swim program activities.

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